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Srinidhi NarashimaMurty
Mr. Srinidhi Narasimha Murthy — Founder & CEO.
Dr Shashank
Dr. Shashank Devapur — Technical Advisor

Our Story

Sipra Surgi-Med is owned by Mr. Srinidhi NarasimhaMurthy worked in the health care industry for over 18 plus years of diversification of handling inventory planning, procurement, and operations for reputed hospitals, driving sales, marketing strategies for a multinational company in India. I have also been supportive and positioned as a Head of Sales for a startup in Bangalore related to Healthcare.Strategically I formed SIPRA SURGI MED to the level of manufacturing Surgical Disposables as the product portfolio requires a lot of innovation and research related to enhancing the Medical staff to use international quality of products.
100% of the products we sell here are manufactured in India. As a company, we are deeply committed to the ‘Make in India’ initiative. We engage in more local production than is prescribed by the government under Bureau of Veritas and SITRA norms through a network of local production partners and suppliers, generating local employment since 2017. Our ‘Made in India’ products are only sold in India. Our Manufacturing products are sold in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala representing 2 crores in India for the last 3 years. Making surgical disposables accessible to all Nursing Homes, Corporate Hospitals and other areas of Nursing is our mission and today we are proud to be serving our customers.

What We Use- Raw Materials

“SSMMSS’ – This Fabric offers amazing benefits like fine percolation, low pressure drops, acoustic insulation and decent strength with elongation. Melt Brown fabrics consists of smaller diameter filaments, including submicron filaments, and have superior filtration properties, while conventional Spunbonded fabrics contain coarser fibres and have much greater tensile strength and smaller pressure drop. As we know spunbonded polypropylene has many excellent properties, strength, and durability. Typical uses being surgical drapes, gowns, sterilisation wraps, disposable patient sheets and incontinency products.
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